Sunday, August 15, 2021

Blog Post with A Side of Butter

Last week was a whirlwind since it was the first week of school. I am so behind in blog visits, boo! This next week will be very heavy in terms of work, too. It's just how the school year runs: Come early, stay late.

I did get in a weekend drive, though. 

Our first stop was the largest local park. I had an idea that some unusual oaks might be planted in the park, and I was overjoyed to find them growing there! There were three Bur Oaks, and they make huge acorns with frilled tops. Here is a green one:

Burr or Bur Oak acorn growing

When mature, that acorn will fill your cupped palm!

There were some mighty sycamores, too, and you can see the leaves know that it is heading towards autumn. The light under the tree was so peculiar:

beautiful large sycamore in early fall

I hear some birdies like the seeds, too. They remind me of cattails, with tightly packed fluff and seeds:

sycamore fruit

I very much want to find a sweetgum here, for those round pointy seedheads they make, but so far, no luck.

I stopped by Holy Cross and ran in (okay, hobbled in) to light some candles. These three are for bloggie frens. I chose the "blue bank" of candles, but there is also a red bank. I go back and forth between the two. It was so lucky to find a "ten" in my purse, as Holy Cross is just $1 per candle, so I had that bank going pretty good.

Stopped by the completely overgrown community garden plot and saw an old friend, fatter than ever! You and me both, buddy.

Woodhouse desert toad

We went to lunch at Golden Corral. Golden Corral delights me, because it is what I call "home cooked" food. I love seeing the old-time foods that "no one" seems to cook anymore. Heck, America is eating out so much now, with home meals kind of scorned in many households! But where else can you find pan-fried cabbage, fried chicken livers 'n' onions, hamburgers served on buttered toast cut on the diagonal, pea salad, and bread pudding? 

old time hamburger

I had to take a picture of my husband's plate (below), because I got so tickled, although we felt bad about wasting food. Usually I run and get him a plate, but he wanted to get his own salad this time (and it was the only thing he ate, sadly). He started eating and was griping about the "potato salad" not being any good, and I wondered what he meant, because our Golden Corral doesn't serve potato salad. 

Then it dawned on me: He had loaded up his plate with BUTTER, thinking it was the potato salad. Oh boy oh boy! I stuck my roll in the picture to try to make it seem like perhaps it was destined for a roll, but alas, I'm afraid it was just thrown out. But he ate a lump of butter equal to the lump left!

Golden Corral plate

Back home, a pretty lantana bloom was waiting for us as the sun headed down. The lantanas sure took their time blooming this year! 

pink fuschia lantana

Oh! One dastardly thing that happened this past week and made me a bit down: I found that my cross stitch patterns are being sold (bootleg copies) by some very horrible people who are also stealing hundreds of other patterns, all taken from Etsy. So upsetting. I made one of those "DMCA copyright infringement" claims and presented it to the web hosting service, but who knows if it will work. It is a sophisticated operation that preys on small artists.

Don't forget the Prayer to St. Michael when you encounter evil!

St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him, we humbly pray, and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, cast into hell Satan and all the evil spirits who prowl about the world, seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.

Well, bloggie frens, I will be popping and hopping over to your blogs this afternoon, and I wish you a blessed week, and strength for any trials and tribulations that come your way. And may they all be small.

Kind regards,

Olde Dame Holly

Friday, August 6, 2021

Harbingers of Fall

In reading on another (very lovely) blog, the blogess remarked that when she sees the purple wildflowers blooming, she knows autumn is around the corner. And I was struck by her observation. Yes, it's true: the blooming of the purple wildflowers is an early harbinger of fall! Oh, we have purples in spring, too; violets and Johnny-Jump-Ups and ajugas, but not the profusion of purples in the fall, mainly by dozens of types of Wild Purple Asters.

autumn blooms of wild purple asters

I have some in the front yard, that grew up from seed I scattered last year. Tiny finches love gathering on them and eating the seeds. These finches must be very light, as the stems on the plants are weak and droop easily. I have already thrown handfuls of seeds in the courtyard, for next year. Thousands of the asters are all along the Rio Grande. I gathered the seeds from there last year.

An early audible hint of autumn is to hear certain bird calls. When I lived in the Southeast, like clockwork would come the raucous call of the bluejay. They scream out those calls in early spring and then again when they announce autumn. Caw! Caw! When I lived in the Northwest, I would sometimes hear the honking of geese long before I saw them in their thousands, heading south. I only saw it a few times, but that was a highlight of my life.

When geese fly faster than usual, and quieter than usual, and higher than usual, it means that the coming winter will be very bad. 

I have not yet received one of my "feelings" about what the turn of the year will bring. I do think autumn will have a long "Indian Summer" this year, based on some caterpillar lore. I have seen several hawkmoth larvae much later than I should. What do they know that I don't? Nature may have told them that there will be something to eat weeks later than there normally would be.

However, those crab apples ripening so soon are sending another message! Or are they? Perhaps they are ripening so as to be able to be sown much farther than usual, as snows will be late? Or are they saying, "We must hurry; a bad winter awaits!"

To paraphrase St. Paul, "Who can know the mind of God?" 

Which reminds me! I am making a Nature Table for the lobby of the school again! I decided to make an "apple" table, with some crab apples from the Verboten Park, some little apple figurines and such that I have, and this thought (not original) printed out: "Anyone can count the seeds in an apple. But only God can count the apples in a seed."

Don't worry that I'll get in trouble with such a blantantly religious message. It is a private school!

Champie is welcoming autumn early, with a new sparkly collar. It is iridescent warm yellow, hard to tell in the photo. I made it out of a piece of a key lanyard.

I am still working on Sophie's collar. It is tapestry ribbon, with beaded parts. I just finished another little pillow-tuck, so her collar will be finished soon.

pin cushion pillow halloween fall autumn

I am always looking for lore and wise words: What are the subtle signs of fall in your area?