Sunday, March 6, 2022

Put Your Tulips A Little Closer to the Phone

2022 tulips blooming in spring

Right after I was bragging on a local Facebook gardening page that we've already entered spring and hot weather was ahead, the winds began anew and the forecast now is for freezing nighttime temps for the next week! 

The wind is so strong that a few
tulips, despite being in the little courtyard, have had their petals stripped off! So now I wonder: Do I leave the rest and hope for the best, or get the scissors and make a bouquet?

I have been told never to mix daffadowndillies with other flowers, as their sap is toxic to them. So I may have two spring bouquets inside soon, one of the sweet nodding daffs, and one of the tulips. 

Daffadowndilly daffy daffodil 2022

Such beauty here, and such a
frightening and strange situation in Ukraine! I have felt unsure of Russia for a long while, and also of China. But I was surprised to see how suddenly we all are facing the possibility of an actual World War III. So, my friends, I am praying for us all, and wish for each of you a safe little life! I do not understand dictators and land-grabbers! Why don't they choose happiness instead of a vain attempt at earthly power?  

Kind regards,

Olde Dame Holly