Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Welcome! And Some Free Printable Primitive Pantry Tags

Many years back, I ran a popular blog that featured chit-chat, old-time lore, homespun crafts, obscure recipes, and most of all, graphic designs, both for printing and for decorating blogs, which were very popular at that time, before the rise of Facebook.

Downsized by COVID, I am restarting a blog. Oh, I don't mind if blogs are relics of the past; I love the past. I don't see the past through rose-colored glasses, but I find it enchanting, interesting, terrifying, and worthy of attention. While I don't spend all my time noodling about "things that were and are no longer," I do try to draw ideas from "then," to incorporate into the "now."

I picked up my needle again after almost 40 years, and am enjoying rustic cross stitching and old-time freehand embroidery. I just start stitching away to make my designs, and will be offering my cross stitch designs in the future. For me, it has to be fun to stitch, or it starts to be tiresome. I think that's why I love rustic, primitive designs: There's something very wild, free, and vital about primitive work!

I hope to post each weekday, as I did before, and I hope you'll join me here. Each week I post a free printable. I enjoy making them, and I hope you will enjoy them, too. And to be totally transparent, I hope you will stop by my Etsy Shoppe "MerryNeedle" or my selling page and see if anything strikes your fancy. I miss many things about work; I enjoyed working, but most of all, I miss that it allowed me to contribute to animal rescues (my passion). I hope to earn enough from my little venture to be able to donate to the rescues who do so much for our animal companions.

To SAVE a printable, CLICK on the LINK below. This free printable is provided in PNG format.

Here's this week's printable, some general pantry tags.

Don't save the image below. It's just a small version to show you what the tags look like. Use the links or your tags won't print correctly.


    Kind regards,

    Olde Dame Hollyhock


Click HERE for PNG version of the free Pantry Printable Tags


Drop by my Etsy shoppe, MerryNeedle, for kits, patterns, and printables!