Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Crafting Thrift: Strange and Wonderful

I like to go to estate sales (well, I enjoyed going before COVID, since now they are all online in my area), not really to try to grab some fine item at a reduced price, but to look for thrifty crafts of yesteryear. I also buy any lots of old Christmas cards from mid-century to earlier. If they are used, so much the better.

Some treasures bought include long coils of folded and interlocked gum wrappers, bracelets made from fishing lures and uneven old seed beeds, coasters stitched from scraps of calico sewn over several pieces of cardboard, and trivets crocheted around old pop bottle tops.

I like to make these sorts of "treasures" myself; I have always enjoyed these make-do oddities. In that vein, I decided to use the wax rind of a mini gouda cheese to make "berries" for a plain dried twig. It was easy to roll up some little balls and just push them onto the twig here and there. 

Crafting thrift make do's wax berries from rinds.

The other wax rinds were pressed into pinecones from the yard, and the cones put into paper fast food bags. I add a few small twigs into the bag, twist it closed, and I have an excellent fire-starter. I also like to use the spent wax from my tart warmers for these fire-starters.

Do you have any strange and thrifty make-do's from yesteryear or today?

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