Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Free Cute DIY Kitchen Gift Idea Printable

If you are in need of a thrifty and useful gift, consider printing out these little little 3x5 measurement equivalency cards and pairing them with a wooden spoon, a jar of spice or sprinkles, even some brown sugar in a Mason jar, and a favorite or interesting recipe.

You can punch a hole in one corner and put them on a ring or tie with baker's twine or raffia. I love thrifty, make-do gifts. Not everyone does, however; I was shocked (decades ago) when my own mother told me in no uncertain terms that she did not like handmade gifts after I proudly gave her a cross stitch creation and a jar of mulled cider spices I had blended. I believe it was partly a reaction to having been young during the Depression; my parents, and many of their generation, bore the scars of severe deprivation. They liked shiny and new, especially my mother, not reminders of lean times.

As always, please use the links so that these print out full size and are not the compressed files you see as images below.

Terra Cotta Tones Link

Mustard Tones Link

Turquoise Tones Link

free printable diy kitchen measurements

free printable diy kitchen measurements

printable free diy kitchen measurements

Thank'ee for stopping by. Almost Christmas!

    Kind regards,

    The Merry Olde Dame, Holly


  1. those are very sweet tags that can be used all year round.

  2. Merry, merry Christmas!
    My mom was also a product of the depression and it took me many years to understand her thriftiness. She was the original recycle queen. How I miss her.

  3. These tags are adorable. I'd love a cute tag and a measuring spoon. Love both homemade and practical gifts. Hope you had a good Christmas.

  4. These are so sweet! Thank you for sharing. Wising you a blessed new year!

  5. P.S. You were one of my very first blog friends, almost 12 (!!!) years ago. So glad that we have kept up the connection. Thank you!


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