Friday, July 30, 2021

Are You Crabby?

 I am crabby over here! That's right, crabby! 

It's because I'm a member of P.L.A.N.T. It's a super-secret organization. Oh, you've heard of it? People Looking Around Nature - Trespassers.

As a member of P.L.A.N.T., I have trained long and hard to be able to sneak into off-limits nature garden areas. I carry specialized equipment: An old towel, a baggie, and a baseball cap. My weapon of choice: A rosary.

The old towel is to lay atop walls, so that I can avoid the bird poopie that is always on them. The baggie is for pretty things I find on the ground, and the cap is a practical disguise. The rosary speaks for its beautiful self.  

These "walls" I speak of -- just so you know: They are two or so feet high. Sadly, my knees are shot, and I can't just step over a wall, or even onto it. No, I have to sit on it, then ow-ow-ow pick my legs up and place them on the other side, while sniveling and swiveling. I told my husband that I travel like a turtle travels: Very slowly, and along curbs until there is a low place. I can't even step up onto a normal curb. It's very irritating. I think it may be time for a cane. "GROWING OLD AIN'T FER SISSIES."

I just had to go see the progress of the crab apples in the still-closed-due-to-COVID park here. Yes, the college and all of its public parts are still closed, because goodness knows fresh air outdoors in the desert with the wind blowing across hundreds of miles of unoccupied land is very, very likely to cause illness. SARCASM!

My mind is on those crabapples. My mind has been on crabapples since I first saw them at four years old. I love them, and I love pumpkins and dried gourds and dried corn. Too bad there's not a way to track how much time I have spent with visions of them in my head. I have a magpie mind, and glad of it!

I can't recall who it was, Dickens or Hawthorne?, but they wrote of a wonderful Christmas hot punch, with "brown crabs" [crabapples] bobbing in it. I am determined to get a few ripe ones and have them in a hot cider this year!

I feel so badly for those whose minds can't find happiness in nature, in wholesome activities, and in simple things. I was so very blessed to never have a wish for drugs or bad things. 

Evidently, though, I have a wish to trespass into public gardens. I can justify it up and down, but it's possibly still naughty. So, I just had to sneak in and see the progress of the crabapples. Did any "take," after the beautiful blooms? If so, were they beginning to turn red? 

They are indeed many crabapples on the trees!

crab apples on trees in the late summer
Two crabapples side by side

They are beautiful!

ripening red crab apples canopy
It was so fun to be beneath the canopy looking at them!

I got a few from the ground, but I am seriously contemplating going back when they are ripe, and getting a jar of the windfalls.

crab apples on branches
So many little crabapples ripening!

I think I might make a crabapple cordial. I am typically a teetotaler. I did make blackberry cordial in years past, for gifts and also to keep (as a prepper) as a medicinal (Like in Anne of Green Gables). When we moved off Whidbey Island, I gave that last bottle away, though. So, I have no cordials in the house at this time. 

crab apples
Early windfall crab apples

On August 1st, I "jump" the season and start decorating for autumn! I start with apples and apple decor and buffalo checks and so on, and then September 1st the pumpkins start muscling in! By October 1st it is FHM. Full Hallowe'en Mode. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Do any of you make cordials or wines? And when do you start with your autumn decor?


  1. I have been beginning my searches online & stores in town for FHM. Mine? Not so much "nature", but still fun.

    Those crab apples look delicious!! You're not allowed to pick 'em? Too bad. I think I'd find the owner and ask permission. What can it hurt. You have a 50/50 chance of a "yes".

    Love those beautiful trees too.

  2. Such a lawbreaker! Yes, I am sure all that fresh air is bad for you and will cause you to get sick...NOT.
    Growing old is not for sissies is one of my favorite sayings. Too bad it is so true, but I will continue to count my blessings.

  3. I don't decorate at all and here in Florida we don't have a real autumen but to get the fresh air and coolness and feelings of fall, that is in January for us. sometimes in Dec. if i lived where there is an autumn that would be my favorite time of the year. i like almost cold not REAL cold. no crab apples here or cordials of any kind, we do have watermelon and cantaloupe and strawberries that are in right now. i to love nature and lifes FREE to Me things.. lapping water, breezes blowinig and my favorite of nature TREES. I love trees.

  4. Don't those trees look wonderful, I love them.
    As for the dreaded lurking around in those fields, I know how crafty it is, make sure you wipe down each and every one of those crab apples. lol

  5. Oh, I can see why you try so hard to see the crabapple trees - they are beautiful! I didn't realize they had such long stems. Who do the crabapple trees belong to? That sure would be nice to have a few to make Yummy desserts and Yes, hot apple cider! I usually decorate for Autumn when the first leaves fall haha, and it's delightful that you start decorating in August. You know, I was surprised that this mountain town has things out early for each season - I was surprised to see an isle of Halloween candy out already. I loved your post today, Holly, and I also remember to take the Rosary along with me many times when I go out.


    ps.....I'm so glad to hear someone loves pumpkins as much as me too. : )

  6. Those trees hanging full of lovely crabapples would tempt me too. I think I may have to come help you fill a bag or two. Who is going to arrest 2 older ladies??? I remember years ago helping a friend gather crabapples so her husband could make wine. Under the trees we could see the flattened grass where deer had slept ( no doubt after eating their fill of the fruit).

  7. I meant to add that I try very hard to wait until September 1 to begin decorating for Fall. Sometimes I give in sooner.

  8. I am a bit confused. Here in KS, we have hedge apples which I actually thought were crab apples. Now I know better, because hedge apples are NOT to be eaten, but crab apples look a bit like cherries. Lovely photos, even if you had to trespass to take them. Great fun reading your crabby post, dear Holly.

  9. Isn't it a great feeling to be just a little naughty?

  10. Hahaha, Mary - you convinced me to instantly apply for a membership at P.L.A.N.T! Very very difficult to find the address - had to work through the software of "Pl@ntNet Identification" (which sometimes helps me to identify rare plants on my walks through nature in Bavaria) - and only my hint that I am an adept at (white!) witchcraft convinced them to send me a membership needle which has - surprise! - the form of a crab-apple!

    I love crabapples too - for many years I had a little Bonsai crab-apple on my balcony which flowered and then had many little apples - then, one day, it vanished, so sad. At the Freie Universit├Ąt in Berlin there are many big trees, a lovely walk to the library.
    And yes, I made cordial (and for the children syrup) from sloes - so yummy - and the colour alone makes you happy.

  11. Oh, I know I must be a member of "P.L.A.N.T." I've been a member for years and years...but please don't tell anyone. And crabapples? I haven't seen any in years. They don't grow here in Florida. Seems like someone used to make crabapple jelly, and spiced crabapple rings or something like that. Never made any cordials...but I love the story in Anne of Green Gables and did a mock tea party with a raspberry/cranberry juice because it was for young ladies from our church, and I didn't think it wise for me, the Pastor's Wife, to serve them something that could possibly inebriate them...LOL. Have a blessed and wonderful nature hunt...don't ever give into fear...God is with you!

  12. Why would they have any outside park still closed?? Maybe it is a help thing no one to take care or oversee things.
    I do not make cordials but those apples do remind me of fall. We have very fallish weather here 50s this morning with a high of 70 and we have had so much rain everyone and everything is water logged.

  13. Very lovely little red apple just ready for Fall decoration!

  14. Goodness, I agree with you regarding FRESH AIR and COVID!

    I will decorate for Autumn in September. Is Autumn your favorite season?

  15. Yes, some of these Covid rules are pretty silly. We used to have crabapples on our farm. I'd make jelly with them. It was one of the few things I canned, besides wild plum jelly. My dad bought me two little trees. We planted them and then I forgot about them. Years later I noticed one of them had a red hue to it. (It was way out in a pasture surrounded by wild plums. Hard to see.) I walked out and saw I had a bumper crop! Like you, I love nature and am curious about all the critters and plants. And with our God in the mix we can't go wrong. You're right. Getting old isn't for sissies! I'm praying you find many creative ways to overcome limitations and to keep on climbing over those walls! Happy fall decorating!

  16. These crabapples really are pretty and make beautiful photos. I wish I was a better artist to paint some! I start sneaking Fall things in when the kids go back to school. I love Fall colors in my decor! (I have 2 red sofas in the living room!) Hugs!

  17. Aw I'm telling. LOL Beautiful crab apples. I remember always climbing up the one across the street from gramma B's one time and had a small green snake staring at me. At that time I was not afraid, but probably would be if it happened now. I usually start my Fall decor mid August. Cannot wait to start seeing your apples and checks! Janice

  18. I like your idea of PLANT!! You sure enjoy your surroundings. Yes, those Covid restrictions are beyond belief, aren’t they? How wonderful to have those crabapples. Your cordials sounded so yummy and those pinkeepers from your previous post, are just such beautiful work of art!!

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  20. What a lovely read. I have no idea who would be responsible for closing public land, it is so important for folks to have away to get outside and enjoy nature especially during these times of being shut in. Bravo for your bravery! After all it is "public" land. I feel like we are being taxed for things that we are not allowed to enjoy and that's wrong.
    Decorating isn't as fun as it used to be. I liked changing the house along with the season and holidays, but lately I make myself do a little just because I want to keep moving forward and not fall into a rut.
    Wishing you a lovely day :)

  21. Those crabapple trees are simply beautiful. I would love to stand under them and look up...oh they are so pretty. I've never seen crabapples growing before. I too feel blessed to have never had any desire to try drugs or bad things...and I love the great outdoors...LOVE IT! Your blog posts are wonderful. Could sit here for hours reading them. The last few times I've tried, your blog would not load?? September I began feeling the urge for all things FALL!

  22. I love this post! Oh those beautiful trees. PLANT is definitely for me! We have a couple of crabapple trees but I have always been afraid to eat the fruit. I am always looking for favorite quotes to write in my journal. You are going in along with Thoreau and all those others..."I feel so badly for those whose minds can't find happiness in nature...." I love that too!


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