Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Step Right Up, Step Right Through

2022 in just a few days. Impossible!

Oh, do you remember that television special, Roger and Hammerstein's Cinderella, introducing Leslie Ann Warren? As a child, I would wait for it every year! I loved the song, "Impossible/It's Possible" especially! As a college student, I would see the Prince again, this time as spoiled and sneaky Alan Quartermaine in General Hospital! Impossible that it's over 40 years ago!

You can watch it free on YouTube, with ads! It's possible! Here's the link: Cinderella 1965 Musical 

Impossible that 2022 is here. And yet, it's possible that perhaps 2022 will see the end of this COVID and a turning to the light from what I feel has been a dark two-plus years.

These gates and doors in the old Village of Mesilla remind me that the door is opening to a fresh year! I think mankind enjoys the idea of a "clean slate" very much. And 2022 is a clean slate for one and all. 

 It is so sweet, how people paint on their homes in Mesilla and many places in the Southwest. In Tucson, many people painted designs on their windows, too.

And of course, doors remind me of a favorite Bible verse, Revelation 3:20: Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

Bloggie frens, have a wonderful Wednesday and every day!

Kind regards,

Holly, the Olde Dame


  1. It's been a long time since I've watched Cinderella and I couldn't tell you if it's the one you are talking about.

    But yes, 2022 is already knocking at the door. Lets hope it will be a better year for all of us and lets hope Covid will stop dominating our lives.

    I hope that in 2022, people depends more on God than on politicians for help.

    Happy New Year

    Hugs, 🎉 🕊🎆

  2. The entrance to the old village is so charming. And I like how people paint designs above the doors of their homes. I think ON the walls of the house is a bit too much, but an artistic flare on the windows and doors is nice. Love those pots on the side of the doors too. Yes, I hope 2022 is a good one for all. : )


  3. I loved the Leslie Anne Warren Cinderella. I do remember it well, and would love to see that version again. I have enjoyed some newer versions as well, but couldn't tell you the exact names...I just love the story. Ever After with Drew Barrymore is a good one. I love your thoughts about 2022 knocking on the door, and especially the verse about Jesus knocking at our heart's door. Yes, Lord Jesus, You are welcome here. Please do come in and sup with us especially in this new year. We need You now more than ever in our land! I loved this post, Holly. Thank you so much. Happy New Year to you. Praying it will be a year of joy and blessing for you.

  4. as a child I had a huge fairy tale book, Cinderella was one of the top 3 that I read over and over and over. I am pretty sure it was Grimmns but to long ago to be sure. I have never watched but one musical in my life, and was forced by a friend to suffer through all 3 hours with her. West Side Story. But I do love STORIES just not singing ones. the homes are so pretty, I wish I could paint

  5. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday everyone was panicking because it was going to be the year 2000 and heaven only knew what would befall us? Now here we are going into 2022 and I am amazed that in spite of all the troubles 2021 went by so fast. I hope the new year will bring you good things, blessings beyond what you even hope for.

  6. I am looking forward to a clean slate. It is my goal not to mess it up. I have always thought the verse "I stand at the door and knock" is the most profound and compelling verse in the Bible.

  7. Wonderful homes love the mural. I do wish for wonderful things for you in the new year. WE all need to look forward with a glad heart maybe that will make the difference.

  8. I do remember this version of Cinderella and also watched Stuart Damon on General Hospital. He passed away this year. I also loved the Disney version of Cinderella with the mice. Lets hope 2022 will be better. Janice

  9. How I hope 2022 is better. We need it.

  10. What a beautifully uplifting post, Holly! I know it is not wise to wish time away but I will not be longing for 2021 any time soon. I absolutely ADORE that version of Cinderella...I had sought it out years and years ago and secured a copy on VHS...No other version or interpretation was ever acceptable - or watchable - to me. My favorite song was always "I Can Be Whatever I Want to Be" (or whatever the title is of the one that starts with "In my own little corner, in my own little room....") I sometimes still find it playing in my head. ~Robin~

  11. Boy Holly. I live in a very different world, I fear. The first time I saw Leslie Anne Warren was when she played the drunken mother of Mary McCormack in In Plain Sight circa 2008ish.

    I really love all those wonderful and beautifully decorated doors. Nice way to think of 2022, too. I fear Covid will NOT be gone in 2022 and there will be a new variant because so many people still refuse to get vaccinated. I hope your outlook is brighter than mine, though and 2022 is a great year.

  12. Happy New Year, my friend.
    I, too, hope 2022 will be the year we see the end of Covid. Too many lives and business have been destroyed by it.

  13. I had problems to leave comments on your blog I hope you will have this one.
    Thank you for your wishes.
    I wish you a very Happy New Year!
    Health and happiness.

  14. Happy new year! How pretty the buildings are with the painted designs and the gates and doorways are so pretty! With the cold days settling in, it is a good time to catch up on movie watching such as the sweet one you mentioned in your post. Here wishing that you have a wonderful year ahead with all good and happy things!

  15. Such welcoming places with the hand painting on them! The gates and doors are charming.
    These chilly days are perfect for movie watching! Here wishing that you have a wonderful year ahead with all good and happy things!


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