Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Spring Zephyrs Have Arrived

I love all the old words so much! Zephyrs and daffadowndillies, gillyflowers and galoshes, gauds and glebes a-gleaming in the spring sunshine! An old use of the word "gauds" is for the "Our Father" beads of the Rosary, which are traditionally bigger or flashier than the "Hail Mary" beads, but my Granny also used that word for her costume jewelry. And we used the word "pretties," too, for such things.

The palo verdes have put forth their leaves, perhaps unwisely, and their trunks are greening up so much they look painted. Our spring winds have begun, and bring in dust storms. It starts about noon, after a calm morning, and blows until six or seven, with gusts up to 60 mph.

Now, here's a new word for me, learned only about a decade ago: Haboob, meaning a huge dust storm that bears down on a place. We just always said, "dust storm," even though that's not really specific enough to describe a towering cloud of dust that pushes into a clear area, and turns day to night almost instantly. We did not have a haboob yet this year, just the usual dust storms.

I ran into Walmart today to get some salad for our dinner, and couldn't resist going down the Easter aisles, where I found two decorations I could not resist. I don't know why black and white so suddenly appealed to me, but now I have added them to the mantel. They were reasonable at $1.98 each for the big polka-dot egg and a three-pack of carrots. 

black and white easter decorations

The carrots were glued together, but easily broke apart. On the mantel, I also changed the usual berries in the old Mexican jug for navy blue berries. I think they will go all the way to autumn easily! Especially with many patriotic holidays before Hallowe'en. This is a sea-change for me, in terms of color. I look like death in navy blue, and always avoided it in any context. It makes my eyes look a dreadful split-pea green, like a llama's eyes right before it spits. But somehow the navy berries looked delightful!

Went to the thrift store to try to get some of the Chick Fil-A chicken they kindly donate on Saturdays, but all chicken was already gone. I did get a very large bag of their delightful biscuits, however! And I saw this cute basket for holding mail, all in tones of dusty pink, with a spray of millinery flowers on it. This is "Maiden Aunt Chic," I think. 

dusty pink old basket

I finished two more cross-stitch charts, and one is in the process of being made into yet another pinkeep. The other one is already a pinkeep. Yet I am forever looking for a pin. I finished these too late for Valentine's for this year, but maybe they will sell next year.

I rarely venture out at night, but I took this photo of our little downtown on the way back from visiting a church. It looks late, but it wasn't. Night had just fallen. I love cutting through the downtown whenever I'm out, day or night!

Rio Grande Theater in downtown Las Cruces, NM

Wishing you an early spring and fresh days as we head towards the Lenten season! 

Kind regards,

Holly, The Olde Dame


  1. The cross stitch pin keep is beautiful and inspired me to get a cross stitch project out.

  2. I saw all the black and white easter decor, and black and white was huge in walmart for Christmas decor. the basket is pretty and your cross stich is too and reminds me of my mothers cross stiching

  3. So very nice to see you post. We are warmish with rain last night but by friday we are in for 6 to 12 inches of snow. We are muddy right now and not pretty at all the season between winter and spring mud season! I am so looking forward to spring I have had enough of winter.
    I have not seen the black and white decorations but then again, I avoid the stores.

  4. We have a winter storm moving in today with freezing rain and it's 21F right now. Staying home a battening down the hatches! I am using some black and white buffalo check in my decorating this year with touches of dark red here and there.

  5. Love how you decorated your mantel for Easter. And, sweet mail basket! Those pinkeeps (the one you shared) is perfect in every way.

    New word for me too...haboob!

  6. I first have to day that I LOVE that pink cross stitch of the house. It is darling, and you did a nice job on that. Your black and white egg and carrots look delightful hanging from your mantel. I've already seen Easter stuff out at the grocery store, but I'll have to check out the Dollar store. They always have cute holiday stuff. That dusty pink basket can be used for so many things. I've never been a fan of navy blue either, but the navy blue berries in your jug DO look pretty. Your downtown looks all lit up and festive.

    Have a wonderful week, Holly. I enjoy your charming posts every time I visit.


  7. It is so very good to see a post come up from must have known you were in my thoughts. I think by now you know I share your love of old (and obscure) words.....they surprise your mouth when you say them - kind of like a sparkling wine or fine chocolate.... I had never heard "glebe" or "gad" before....nor "haboob." The latter is a fun word to say, but I do not want to experience one. The dust winds must be horrible. I love zephyrs, but winds set me on edge for some reason. Dust-filled winds would likely be the end of sanity for me as I know it. Love your fun polka-dot egg! I still have hearts up. ~Robin~

  8. Haboob sounds like an Arabic word, eh? I guess they would know about dust storms. :) Black and white carrots...well, I never! No Chick-Fil-A's around here. My grandkids used to work there in their Maryland town. Sounds good. Take care!

  9. I love your cross stitch, beautiful colors.
    My cousin made me and gifted me a cross stitch a few years ago, it was the face of my cat. :-)

    Love, Carla

  10. Dust storms? Are you able to go outside during them? Love your cross stitch. Colors are perfect. Also like your black and white egg and carrots. A fine choice for your mantle! Janice

  11. OH, I hope you don't get any "haboobs"...that sounds terrible! But I do love your black and white carrots and egg! How unique!! Makes for an fun and interesting Easter decoration! I guess I need to start thinking about that. I was late on Valentine's decorations this year as I couldn't find where I put them last year and still haven't found them, so I did buy a couple of things at the Dollar Store so it wouldn't look so bare! But now it's time to start thinking about bunnies and eggs and such. I love your basket you found! That is unique and pretty too! And that "pin keep" is beautiful Is that the same thing as a pin cushion? Although I'd hate to mess it up with too many holes in it! It's so pretty!! Your night time photo looks so colorful and pretty! We don't go out after dark much anymore either. Even if we did, there isn't anything that colorful or pretty here at night, at least not that I've noticed! I guess it wouldn't hurt to go out once in a while just to see what I'm missing! LOL. I enjoyed your post and always love to hear from you. Thank you!!! Have a blessed night and rest of your week. Yes, I guess Lent will be upon us very soon! Time seems to be flying by this year already. But I actually love the Lenten season. It is a very peaceful time for me. Thank you for reminding us. Okay, bye for now.

  12. You have such a way with words ~ in more ways than one ~ and such fun words you have ;-)

  13. You have a lovely downtown, and I think your revamped mantle is delightful.

  14. It's always nice to find pretties to welcome in the holidays. My holiday tubs are full, and I've got myself on a short chain. We are in for another round of cold and snow beginning tonight. But I did see a lovely Robin Red Breast, she was chunky, maybe she'll soon be looking for a place to build her nest.

  15. I'm late again with visiting blogs. It seems time gets away on me. I love your post so full of things I want to comment on. First of all...I also love old words like wort for instance, (for plants), and gaud brought to my mind what I think might be a song sung at Christmas 'gaudete'.
    I really like the black and white Easter decorations. I must see if our Canadian Walmart has them.
    Navy blue is a very different colour for berries. Do you know what shrub/tree they come from?
    I sure am looking forward to Spring but we still have a bit of snow on the ground. Thankfully Spring always comes eventually. God is faithful.

  16. I love that name "Haboob" and as you know about west Texas, there are plenty of dirt storms here that could qualify as one! Your Easter decorations are so cute. How pretty is your cross stitch! I love cross stitched cottages. Your night time town photo gives the town a charm!


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