Thursday, March 4, 2021

"Plum" Ready for Spring...

The Bradford pears and the purple-leaf plums have begun blooming in the southern desert area of New Mexico. I saw a single poppy in the rocks of my neighbor's yard, too, so the Mexican poppies, in their millions if we are lucky this year, are about to put on their sunny yellow show along the foothills of the Organ Mountains.

simple flowering plum in mason ball jar spring

I do not think the finest, most rare blossoms placed in a costly vase can outshine the beauty of a plum branch in a Ball jar in March, although both bouquets would be lovely! 

Now, who is it who has a blog header with a glass "frog" holding all her embroidery scissors? I cannot recall, but I enjoy the blog. But do any of you remember when "frogs" to hold cut flowers were common? I have my mother's frog, and I am thankful for that. It's a simple piece of clear glass, with cone-shaped holes to hold stems in a circular, arched pattern, and hers is chipped here and there. But to me, it is precious. 

Don't forget to enter the giveaway with a comment on this post or the previous post! I remembered I had bought a little packet of funny round carrots as part of the prize, so here is an updated photo.

As always, thank'ee for stopping by! Any signs of spring where you are? I would love to hear.

Kind regards,

The Merry Olde Dame, Holly


  1. Try again to leave a comment,problems with blogger.
    At the moment we have Xmas roses, daffodils, not much the weather is back to cold again. Wish you a nice day.

  2. The winds are dropping, the days are lengthening and the sheep are carrying their babies. All signs of Spring in this area.

  3. our days are longer for now we are still having pretty cold and windy weather. I use a frog for flowers now and then I have glass and wire.

  4. No signs around my house (eastern Iowa) yet. Still too much snow cover but it's melting quickly. I have several glass frogs. I was using one with a solid bottom for a desk top organizer. I think the scissors got dropped into it a bit too hard too many times as it broke. I've glued it back together and it's now up high on a shelf out of service.

  5. Thankyou so much for taking the time to visit my blog, I love it when new people comment it spurs me on to keep going with my needlework.

  6. Round carrots!!!!! Have never heard of them!!! -giggles-

    Nope, no really signs of spring, as we still have snow. Plus cold temps. And yet, sometimes, the lighting seems to be different... More like spring time sunny. -smile-

    But we really can't get fooled. Our winter is not yet over, and we best deal with it. -smile-

    But we can think about all the patio pots, we want to fill with colorful flowers, later....!!!!!!!


  7. Yes Holly, spring is putting a light foot onto Berlin' ground (Germany). The snowdrops have already gone, crocuses are blooming, and the sweet opulent smell of viburnum wafts through the air. The roses have tender green buds (only leaf-buds, blossoms follow much later - and that is very prudent: after some days with sun and astonishing 19° degree celsius (!) the temperature sunk to zero...
    So: it is on the way, spring - but not quite established.

  8. I don't have a glass frog, but I DO recall seeing them here & there!!

  9. I'm not familiar with the glass frog. But I won't disagree with you about the ball jar and anything you put in, sheer lovely. I saw a Robin, and some bulbs leaves are peaking above the ground, and I have garlic growing in my garden.

  10. Spring comes and goes in northern Ohio ;-) Wednesday was sunny and warmish. The last two days the highs have hovered around 32*, but at least today is sunny. The snowdrops and winter aconite are blooming. {{LOVE}}
    I use a glass flower frog as a scissor holder for small scissors and another for vintage rug hooks.

  11. My husband and I grew up there! I think the Organ Mountains are some of the most beautiful peaks. They change so much in color and shadow during the course of the day. I do miss them!

  12. The blooming plum branch in the old jar is beautiful.
    I have an old glass frog somewhere but I don't think I've ever used it. I'm more the plunk the flowers in a jug sort of person I guess.

  13. Oh, the glass frog. I still have ours, too.

  14. That photo of the plum branch is AMAZING Holly! Perfect in every way....It should be in a calendar or on a note card or something!!! Love the texture of your wall/sill?!! I love flower frogs and have a collection of them, but I collect the wire kind. Love the round carrots!! ~Robin~


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