Saturday, May 22, 2021

Making the Grayed

Pshew, I am exhausted from battling Blogger and trying to make my blog back to looking like itself after the strange Blogger glitch that shrank my header and then took away my Blog Roll. I am still working on the roll, but I got the header back to a reasonable size. Then I decided, what the hay, I'm going to change to a gray theme for summer. Summer is so hot here that I need a calm, cooling color. 

That battle has lasted for days. I guess I forgot most of my tinkering tips and tricks, but I think it's ready for its debut. I must have hit "Edit HTML" and "Restore" fifty times. 

But first, a word from our sponsor:

black and white mutt dog licking lollipop

That's Sophie, our part Bichon mutt, queen of our household. That dog is the love of my husband's life. She has brought such joy into his life. She brought him back INTO life, really. She is licking her "puppypop," a Tootsie Pop that has been "started" and has the chocolate center exposed. There is so little real chocolate in it that it's not a danger to her, but our vet frowns on letting her have sugary things. She has such a sweet tooth, and we are putty in her paws. You can see ol' Champie the Chiweenie in the background, waiting for his chance to get a few licks in. He doesn't really like it, but he likes to participate. With both of them, I have to hold the stick very tightly because they try mightily to pull it away.

I miss Charm pops! They were only a nickel and lasted for days. I think I had some a few years ago, but either they or I have changed. No chocolate in the middle of them, though.

Today was busy. In the hot weather the front courtyard has to be watered daily. I noticed how the tangerine iceplants hold the water they receive:

water droplets held on tangerine ice plant blooms

Today, my husband wanted to eat at what I call a "dive." He does not eat home-cooked food anymore. I just am glad he eats, although it is less and less and less. I knew the food was going to be bad, but he had his heart set on it. The decor was nice; the food, no. Each chair had a carved, painted scene of Old Mexico. Here is a burro, in one piece.

Donkey carved on chair back.

Outside were some pretty petunias and a rose! The rose is just a partial shot because the sun was so bright I could not see what I was taking. I try to cast my shadow on the flowers I'm photographing, but it's just too bright sometimes. The fiery colors of the rose were gorgeous in real life.

pink and white petunias

rose in the desert

Hope your weekend is going well!

Kind regards,

Olde Dame Holly



  1. I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you have had with your blog. I wonder what happened? I am glad you are back to "normal", whatever that is, right? Your pup is so cute! Really really adorable. It is wonderful to see what a furry friend can do for our morale and well being. We don't have any furry friends here at our house, but our kids have our two grand-pups, Sugar and Spice. They are pretty special, so when we want some lovin' we go see them. I am sorry your meal out wasn't all that great, but that painting of the burro is very neat. I would love to see what is on the other chairs! And the petunia and rose are both beautiful. I know what you mean about having to cast your shadow on the flowers to get a good picture in the bright sun. You did a good job! It is very hard to get good pictures in the bright sun. I hope you have a blessed Sunday today, and take care. Lily Grace sends her love.

  2. Charm Pops. I remember those, you are so good at recalling things from our childhood and bringing back those lost times, thank you. That rose is a stunner. The petunias look wax, they petals appear thick, not like the ones Isee where I live. What pretty colors.

  3. I am not sure what is going on with blogger every time they do any up date I have issues.
    Your dog is sweet.

  4. Please email me what you did, my header on Fourpawsetc went to postage size and I can't get it back. I have spent 3 hours spread over 2 days trying to fix it. email me at
    Your pup with a pop is adorable and Beaul loves his pop too, not a sucker but his daddy.

    1. I will take a few screen shots of the HTML areas I had to change, there are two of them, darn it. And then send them to you!

  5. I don't allow blogger to shrink my headed...resize it. But when you do it yourself, you have to figure out the right size for your device. We don't eat out. We cook everything from scratch. I don't know if my body could take all the spices and salt in restaurant meals but someday I would like to travel again and find out! lol Hugs!

  6. I noticed your tiny header yesterday, but didn't mention it. I'm delighted to see it back to normal again.

    I lost my blog roll once, too, and it took months to get everyone back. Glad you didn't have that problem.

    Love the photos of the flowers and the ice plant is my favorite, although the rose is lovely, too.

  7. Putty in her paws, I love it, and of course you both are. She's absolutely adorable. And I like the gray, it looks cool for the summer. I don't dare to start changing things on my blog.

  8. Your dog is so cute! My dog is actually gone for a walk with his dad.
    Here we don’t have to water the flowers as it is constantly raining for one month. Sad that your priest is living , here we have to change church all the time to follow the priest for mass! Not enough priests.
    I don’t like to drive sometimes far from home even for Xmas or Easter.
    I hope you had a nice Sunday.

  9. Well, the flowers in front of the restaurant are pretty even if the food leaves a lot to be desired. It was nice of you to go along even if you knew the food wouldn't be great. Good thing my husband will eat almost anything because I'm a lousy cook.

    I'm glad you managed to get your blog issues resolved. I'd like to change some things on mine but I don't dare. Scared I'll make a mess of it.

  10. I HATE when blogger makes changes.
    Sophie is too sweet!!!

  11. Ha ha....Miss Sophie is a hoot! I don't really recall charm pops, but I do remember well dum dum's. They were always disappointing to me though because they did not have chocolate inside either. Truth be told, I guess I have never been much for hard candies - although I did like root beer barrels, butterscotches and anise candies on occasion. That rose is absolutely stunning! But I love the petunia too! Petunias are one of my favorite "go-to" annuals. My patio faces south and, in the summer, is full on sun. Petunias love it...and they are such reliable bloomers. I like unusual this one...and those deep, deep, almost black, ones...but I am usually too late to find any. I hope your Sunday has been filled with blessings big and small ~Robin~ (Blog looks great!)

  12. I give my pup a plain donut hole from Tim Horton's when I go. Probably not good for him either. Sophie looks like she is enjoying her tootsie. We carry the Charm pops in our gift shop. Janice

  13. Your blooms are so lovely! How sweet is your Sophie eating her puppy pop! Our Sophie craves a Sonic kid size hamburger. Once in a while a dear friend comes out to visit......and she always stops by Sonic drive in and brings Sophie a is their"thing" with each other. We give Sophie dog treats.......but the burger is very enjoyed by her. Blogger has been having some issues lately. I love the look of your blog

  14. love the pretty blooms. I have never seen ice plant in the tangerine color is lovely! Love your sweet Sophie enjoying her treat!

  15. I've had the same background on my blog for so long I wouldn't know how to begin to change it. Your rose is beautiful! I would have just thought you intentionally came up with an artistic composition if you hadn't told us otherwise, lol. Mexican food is my favorite. We don't have any of the genuine kind here in the frozen north, but I'm not particular. Even though I am a Texan by birth! I should know better, right? :)

  16. I noticed your Header was smaller when I came by and wondered about that. I'm glad it is back to size again, as it's one of the most charming Headers I've seen. Hello Sophie, aren't you cute? She looks just like our old dog Jake. He was such a loyal dog. The petunias are pretty, and you know how much I love that red rose!



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