Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Free "Merry Mix" Printable Tags, Attack of the Age Spots, and A Rosary Rescue

December Greetings, dearies! 

Here are some free downloadable tags, safely saved on a Google Drive. Use this LINK <---- instead of saving the image, as Blogger shrinks the big files and they won't print nicely. I call it "Merry Mix" because it has a smorgasbord [Smörgåsbord] of vintage images.


free printable diy christmas tags download

Oh boy, last year I posted about the movie White Christmas, which I dearly love, PARTICULARLY the smorgasbord scene in the middle of the night, when Bing and Rosemary went to the big den area and were enjoying the snacks that were always available. 

It reminds me so much of a lodge I stayed at one night at the Grand Canyon. It had a huge fire, 24/7, and a smorgasbord all night long. I just walked around and snoozed in the den the entire night! It was forty years ago, and I mention it in the blog and in person entirely too much! It was just magical, that's why. One of the best nights of my life! What can I say, my life is pretty lowkey!

In the movie, Bing and Rosemary sang the pretty duet, "Count Your Blessings." Oh yes, that's a good song to memorize and sing to yourself! I like to be real, not have a Pollyanna attitude, but having an appreciation for what you do have can be so important. I wanted to just cry yesterday, I was feeling so blue about not getting that job and in so much pain when I walked. And then I thought, "My gosh, but I can still WALK! I can WALK, what a gift!" and it gave me strength and off to Walmart I went for some needed groceries! Mainly, chicken tenders to bake for the silly dogs! They love their chicken.

When I was throwing my purse into the back seat of the car, I looked down and there on the driveway was a single-decade Rosary I have been missing for weeks. Right on the concrete, with tire tread marks going over it, and broken glass beads around it and crushed pinecones all around!

I had parked back a-ways on the driveway, unusual for me. I don't think I would have found the Rosary had I not been parked so far back. I must have dropped it. I don't make "bracelet" Rosaries although they are popular. I think that a Rosary ought to be firmly in hand or nestling in a pocket, not put around a wrist and forgotten! But the danger in that is not being aware enough! 

I set out to repair the Rosary. Amazingly, both the Holy Medal and the Crucifix were intact, although the tire had clearly rolled right over them. It was just a matter of replacing some of the beads and doing a bit of straightening!

broken Rosary before repair

Two beads are missing, and five more are cracked


repaired Rosary, Czech druks and garnet

Repaired! Under the medal is the Glory Bee charm I put on all my personal Rosaries.

At night, with the execrable Hallmark movies playing (yes, some I LOVE, some make me just CRINGE), I am making lots of Rosaries. I'm putting them at the churches with a note in Spanish and in English, and I do not let myself hang around to see people react to them, because that would undo the good of giving, I feel. But they are gone quickly. 

I am "repairing" something else, too! What price vanity?! I am attempting to remove some "age spots" from my hands and face. Dear friends, do not try this at home! It involves wart remover. I use the chemical one, not the freeze one. I have done it before, and removed some really big age spots, or liver spots as my mother called them, on my face that the dermatologist didn't remove despite using a laser. But being a desert rat for so long, they are on me a-plenty. The ones on the hands don't seem to be doing as well as the face ones. This is my first try on hands and arms.

Age spot liver spot removal at home with wart remover

The chemical is applied and drying in this photo...Ow!

I've taken some before and during photos, and I'll show the "after" photos when the process is over! Usually, I don't like wearing a face mask, but for now, I am happy to wear one and I pull it up to my eyes! And I have those fingerless mittens on when I go out! It looks pretty bad right now!

It is going to be so busy at church! So much going on!  Tonight, a Vigil Mass because tomorrow is The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception.

If you get a chance, please share what you're doing in the evenings! I'm always curious!

Kind regards,

Holly, The Olde Dame



  1. Holly, I'm so sorry your Rosary broke, and so glad that you fixed it again. You are a wonderful worker bee making the Rosaries. This is such a pretty one with all the purple colors. White Christmas is my favorite Christmas show, and THAT'S MY FAVORITE SCENE IN THE MOVIE TOO! I actually mentioned it on a blog post once. When they were eating sandwiches with buttermilk and singing the song "Count your Blessings." I haven't seen the movie yet this Christmas, and looking forward to that. Oh my, I hope that medicine helps with the aging spots and you don't get any reactions from it. Take care.


    *so sorry you're feeling blue about not getting the job. Sending a hug of comfort and love.

    1. Oh, I just found the post that I did about White Christmas if you want to check it out. It's on November 30, 2011 titled Movie Magic. You might enjoy it. ; )

    2. I am going over right now to read it!

  2. The freebie tags are just too sweet!
    Yes, we must count our blessings, but sometimes when life doesn't go as we had hoped, it can be hard. SO very sorry you did not get the job! Hopefully a better one will come along soon.
    Your rosaries are simply amazing and I am so happy to own one. I'm sure the ones you are giving away are much appreciated and will be loved.
    In the evenings...I love to sit and pull a few loops, but for the last week plus I have been decorating. Let me tell you, I am getting mighty tired of decorating, but I am my own worst enemy!!!

    1. I need to mosey over to your blog and see if you have shown the decorating in progress! I bet hooking is very relaxing in the evening (with good lighting!), do the puggles help you?

  3. I have those brown spots too; never occurred to me to remove them though. Your treatments sound painful. I hope they work for you.
    I'm glad you found your rosary and were able to fix it. It's kind of you to keep making more and leaving them for others to find.
    As to what I do in the evenings... There's rarely anything worth watching on TV and reading is difficult because of my eyes. I can however see my computer so I wile away my evenings reading lovely blogs ( like yours) and maybe visiting Pinterest or looking at recipes for things I'll probably never make.

  4. Blessings abound, for sure, and we should never forget to count them. I would never tire of hearing about your magical night at the Grand Canyon lodge. Lucky beads to have been found. I am glad that they have been repaired. I love that you are leaving rosaries at the churches for others.

  5. You are so thoughtful with those tags. I wish I had color in my inkjet printer. I don't think I can buy color toner for this laser printer I have. But I sure love looking at them.

    So glad you found your rosary and were able to fix it. It is beautiful.

    I try to make art at night, but right now all I'm doing is lying flat on my back when it starts screaming at me. Hope you are able to remove those age spots, dear.

    1. If your printer isn't made for color toner, they won't work. But - the laser printing can stand up to water based paints and markers way better than inkjet, what about printing them out, maybe use color paper, and hand coloring them?

  6. My evenings are usually filled with rug hooking or some other thing I am working on. I do watch tv with my husband a couple of nights a week. I have been decorating too but have decided that less is best this year as we are not having anyone in so I will decorate just the few rooms we live in. We close the rest of the house down as heating it has become way to expensive for us not even using it.
    My husband has his mother's rosary I am not catholic so I do not own one. That treatment sound painful I hope it is good results after that.

  7. what a wonderful thing to happen, parking in the right spot to find what you lost. I cover my facial brown spots with Maybeline instand rewind eraser, five dollars at walmart. works great. i love my mask for coverage but hate wearing it..

  8. Thank you for the tags. I usually just write on the packages with sharpie, metallic ones - if I can find where I put them so I know where they're at. These would be a bit classier!

  9. We don't do much in the evening or a dvd. And we go to bed early and get up early. Morning is our favorite part of the day.

    I can't believe you found your rosary that's been missing. Someone's watching over you. And it was repairable!!!
    Those people at church are blessed to have your talent and then the generosity of giving... I would like to be there to receive one of your beautiful rosaries too!!

    Have a calm day & hope the pain will subside.

  10. My grandmother had lots of liver spots. I admit that they fascinated me when I was a child. Now that I am older I despise my own liver spots. Luckily I only have them on my hands and arms so far. Good luck with removal.

  11. Oh spots! I've heard lemon juice works but haven't tried it (yet;-)). What a beautiful rosary ~ am so glad you found it mostly intact and were able to repair it. As far as the job, please don't be disheartened. I've come to realize that usually when something like that happens, it turns out to be a blessing. We don't even own a TV so in the evenings, I usually read or stitch.

  12. I love both White Christmas and Holiday Inn because my fav Christmas song is in both by Bing. Yes I remember them snacking very well. What a wonderful place to have visited. What cute tags you provided us with! I usually read my blog roll at night and create my own blog posts while watching tv. Janice

  13. Yay you!! You found the rosary...and were able to salvage it. Something tells me it will be all the more powerful for healing prayers. Can you believe I have never seen White Christmas? I think I saw the beginning once, but that was it. I'll have to put it on my bucket list. Maybe during one of these long winter nights. I am a night nights are long here. I usually spend some time catching up on my online newsposts that I follow, my emails, and my blogs....Then I read or stitch for a few hours...then read for a few hours. An exciting life indeed. Thanks for the sweet tags! ~Robin~

  14. I am so happy for you that you found your beautiful Rosary and that you were able to repair it. What a blessing to find it after missing it so long. Reminds me of the story of the widow who lost a coin and swept her house until she found it and called in her neighbors to rejoice with her .(Luke 15:8-10) And I love that you make rosaries and leave them at churches for people to find. What a special gift that is. Would you believe that I, like your friend above (TheCranky Crow) have never seen the whole movie of White Christmas? Not sure why. But now you have me wanting to see it. That all night smorgasboard at that place you visited sounds lovely... Our evenings are spent here at home, cozy in our house. Right now, with the Christmas tree lights and other lights around the house I just enjoy the lights and the beauties of Christmas surrounding me. I usually do most of my reading and writing in the evenings too. Hubby watches stuff on TV like sports, hockey, etc., and so I entertain myself. We don't go out at night except I go to choir practice one night a week. We go to bed pretty early...usually headed there by 9 pm. I am a morning person. I enjoyed your post. I've been busy this week and didn't see it sooner. I am sorry about the job, etc. God knows best and when the time is right, the job will be there. Only BELIEVE. (my post today says that!!) Take care my friend. God is with you...Emmanuel...

  15. I am so happy you found your Rosary.

    I LOVE the movie White Christmas. I love the song "I wish I was back in the Army".. I sing it for my National Guard Son, he gets a kick out of it. ;-)

  16. Bless you for blessing folks with Rosaries!!
    Liver spots reminds me of a niece (an engineer now) when she was small, calling them "meat marks." We laugh about it all the time, especially since we're decorated with liver marks! I wish you success in removing them! (Maybe they're angel kisses?)

  17. How lovely your rosary is! You make them so beautifully! Just a thought......but I had an age spot on my hand and it began to cause irritation. I had tried all kinds of ointments........but was surprised that when I rubbed a small amount of Carmex (used for chapped lips) not only did it soothe the spot.......but the spot completely disappeared! Be careful with harsh chemicals on your skin. I have always loved the movie White Christmas and the music in it. You brought back such warm memories! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  18. Love the pretty Christmas tags, thank you always for sharing. Your Rosary is lovely and how wonderful of you to leave them for others to find. I love the Christmas movies and the music. Not so fond of Hallmark Christmas movies.......I hope your skins clears well for you. Wishing you a merry Christmas

  19. I agree that some of the Hallmark movies are nice, but others cringeworthy. I do watch some. I stop if I'm embarrassed for the actors, lol. Your rosaries are really beautiful! I do a lot of YouTube watching and reading in the evenings. Sometimes I work on my ATCs. Merry Christmas! (As an aside, there was a cute gaggle of teenage girls ringing the Salvation Army bell at our Walmart today. They were so friendly and giggly. It made my day!)

  20. I love your rosary bracelet and am so glad you were able to fix it. I have made tied rosaries in the past. I so enjoyed making them, might try again but I have trouble with my left hand since breaking my wrist a year ago. But yours are lovely.


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