Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Bonfire Season

bonfire in a firepit the merry needle

We are rushing headlong into the holiday season. Where before I would get the side-eye from friends and neighbors with my early decorating, now even I am lagging a bit behind. The stress of COVID, perhaps, is the cause of this early celebration and festooning.

For me, for both practical and inner reasons, I am trying not to buy more decorations this year. I do go prowl eBay, enraptured by the results of my "vintage Christmas blow mold" search, but I haven't bought anything, or even bid on anything. I used the lights I already have outside in the front courtyard, and they make a goodly show.

Instead, I am making quite a few bonfires to mark the season. We had a big dead tree in the corner of the yard when we moved in this home a year ago, and the people who cut it down kindly chopped up a large portion of it into firewood. So I'm using that to make my bonfires in a little firepit that was left by the previous owners. 

Bonfires go deeply into Christian history, having been an important aspect of Yuletide and even before, and resonate strongly with me. Perhaps it's from being raised in Louisiana, and seeing the bonfires along the levee, stretching out of sight, as a child on Christmas Eve. But it feels deeper than that, somehow. I'm afraid there are quite a few bonfire pictures in the future of this blog!

    Kind regards,

    The Merry Olde Dame

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