Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Christmas Vignettes

For a variety of odd reasons, I lack furniture. Oh, I now have a small but actual bed, which I love love love, and I have a gargantuan farm trestle table and a few other small tables made from cedar fencing, and I finally have several chairs, but I don't have much display space. For that reason, and because for some reason I love tiny things, I make small vignettes where I can. The mantel is handy for that, and the top of the pie safe.

tiny plastic deer in snow christmas sisal trees

My pie safe, standing cupboards, and standing pantry are Mexican primitive furniture made of pine, and they reek of creosote, which I love despite hearing that it's bad for you. In some homes, pie safes and such are more to display than use, but I actually use these to store foodstuffs, plates, cups, and cutlery because of a lack of built-in cabinets. The cupboard and the standing pantry go almost to the ceiling, but I can reach the top of the pie safe easily, so that's where a lot of my little scenes are arranged. It's also high enough for the cats to leave it alone.

This particular scene features some teensy plastic deer. And they are dear to me. I love "mid-century" items. While I don't like modern plastic or resin items, I like the plastic goods from the 1950s and 60s, because they represent what was new and authentic in terms of style at that time. Plastic was exciting. Behind them are bleached sisal trees and behind that is a pressed papier mache tray.

Every year, I use less and less of the decorations I used just the year before. And this year is no exception. I'm again culling my newer decorations and taking them over to a thrift shop that benefits the animal rescues in our city. Last year I bought a lot of 90% off Christmas items at Hobby Lobby, but really don't have the space or energy to display them. Someone will love them and have a nice bargain with them! The older I get, the more I use natural items from the yard and the old, old, old five-and-dime items handed down. They look a bit tarnished and certainly many are raggedy, creased, or no longer Shiny-Brite, but to me, they are Christmas!

    Kind regards,

    The Merry Olde Dame


  1. I have weeded out my christmas too but I still need lots more gone. I have spent some of the shut down just clearing out. My life had to much stuff. Love your little deer.

  2. Same here, less and less. I don't have an over abundance of items, but rather an under abundance of energy to put it away, taking it out and putting it up is one thing. Less can be more sometimes.

  3. I remember the tiny plastic deer that were common in the 50's and 60's. I think we even had some but the little legs were easily broken by little people. I wish I could find some again ( maybe at the thrift store).

  4. Sweet vignette.
    Unfortunately I am the crazy Christmas hooker who just has way too many things and can't part with any of them...sigh.

  5. Granny, I had luck at Estate sales for tiny deer, usually in a baggie with other little 60's treasures...They don't seem to realize how desirable these deer are! Well, at least to some of us! Rugs and Pugs, your things are so beautiful, no wonder you don't part with them. Faith, I agree, energy is a concern. Especially in 2020, so strange a year, very sapping as to energy. Cathy @ Acorn Hollow, that's good use of the shutdown you've made, clearing and culling!


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