Friday, March 19, 2021

Early Spring Blossoms Abounding

I am somber today, thinking of several new blog friends who are undergoing trials and tribulations. They are good people, and it seems so unfair that they have these burdens on them. But it is as St. Paul said: "Who can know the mind of God?" 

Some bloggers are also right in the danger area of the bad storms and tornadoes we are having. "Tornado Alley" has shifted since I was young; many in Eastern states have been in peril.

Back in autumn, I predicted a severe spring, with winter hanging on. The signs were there.

My mind is all over the place in this post. Just a little tired, I guess.

In gardening news: The bottlebrush trees that I thought were dead have poked up some little new branches from the roots. In fact, it seems all of the plants I thought were gone, are not. I gave the courtyard a good soaking when I got home from work.

The strangest garden happening is that the winecup is putting up yellow buds. These are deep magenta blooms, thus the name, winecup! What is happening, with these yellow-petalled buds? The leaves are deep green!

I hope that near or far, these blooms bring a little bit of sweetness to your day.

bright orange quince blossoms in spring

apple blossoms in spring apple blossom pink

pretty narcissus daffodils jonquils yellow and white

pretty white spring pear blossoms

Kind regards,

Olde Dame Holly


  1. Why have they got trial? Is there anything with blogging?
    Here we have again a one month lockdown it is getting worse each day!
    I like the flowers pictures you did it inspire me for my drawing.
    Hope everything is fine for you and I wish you a good weekend.
    Take good care.

  2. our snow is starting to melt but no flowers here it will be more than a month before that happens. Other than cold our weather is pretty normal here no extremes. It is nice to see your flower though.

  3. I too have blogger friends who are suffering and today I will send out a care package to one of them. Its wonderful how close one can get to blogger friends one has never met in person, isn't it? Your flowers are lovely.

  4. Yes, the blooms made my morning, Holly, especially those pink blossoms. The pink blossom trees used to line up gracefully on all the streets where I used to live. It was so calming and pretty to see. I heard there many storms coming now in different areas. My mind is all over the place too, maybe cause there's so much to do right now, pesky things that we never want to do haha.

    Have a restful weekend, Holly.


    1. Thank you, Sheri! I hope your giveaway gets to you soon, I fear the Post Office is back to being too slow again.

  5. Hugs and prayers for all your blog friends.
    So happy to hear your garden is coming to life. Spring is such a magical time.

  6. Sorry for the sadness, in Pretty Blog Land.

    Your flowers are a lovely thing, on which to dwell, though.


  7. I love your photos. So pretty. I am glad your bottlebrush survived. I am so sorry about your friends. After a year of trial upon trial, I can really feel for your friends.
    I hope you feel much better soon.

  8. Your flowers are sure to brighten the day of anyone who looks at them. So many people are having problems. We try to keep positive thoughts flowing through the universe for all who need them.

  9. Thank you for the beautiful glimpses of spring, Holly. We have had some mild temperatures here of late and so the snow is receding quickly, although it will be a good month and a half before we are "out of the woods" snow-wise. I did venture back to where my jonquils are planted on the south side, but no sign of them yet. Perhaps they know something I do not. ~Robin~

  10. Knowing that some of your plants that you thought were dead are now showing new growth gives me hope that this will happen here in my garden too. Right now except for all the Crocuses it's quite bleak.
    Sometimes I console myself and think my problems are small compared to what others have to deal with. It helps.

  11. You are the Sage Dame, I have always enjoyed your knowledge and keen sense. The spring flowers are so pretty, ours are starting to poke out from under the is always a joy at Springtime to see what i renewed.

  12. Every bloom now, even the wee ones, are priceless. You have shared some real beauties. Happy spring!

  13. Oh dear...such happy, beautiful, flowers. Wine cup with yellow buds? Hmmm. We have them here in the fields. I'll have to make sure I check them out this year.

  14. Lovely and just what I needed to see. Our Spring weather is still up and down here in Wisconsin. We had snow twice this week. Keeping our fingers crossed that Spring really did come.

  15. The beautiful spring flowers are a blessing and lift up our minds. Thank you for sharing.

  16. A lot of good it did to add you to my sidebar. I'm STILL late visiting. Sorry some of your blogging friends are having a difficult time. I know a few like that, too.

    All your flowers are so lovely. I LOVE bottlebrushs, but they won't grow here. Your beautiful flowers show us spring has definitely arrived in your world.

  17. I like your winecup and other flowers. I am out in my gardens most days, they give us such beauty. I am seeing more than usual friends in Zoom groups asking for prayer for depression, which this isolation exacerbates.

  18. Holly, to answer your question about the stencils I used in my T Tuesday post. I actually explained both stencils had been sent to me by my friend Mia. Thanks for asking.

  19. Hello there! So happy to meet you, and thank you for visiting my blog! I just love the pictures you shared, just beautiful blooms! I'm so sorry to hear about the troubles of your dear blogging friends, so many people are deeply hurting in these difficult days we are in. Looking at the beautiful blooms certainly helps so very much! Wishing you many sweet blessings from the Lord :)


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