Wednesday, April 14, 2021

The Thirsty Clematis

Evidently the word "thirsty" means something else now. I can't keep up. Perhaps I don't want to keep up. I love words, yet I balk at many new definitions of words. They seem short-lived at best, and silly, almost always with some naughty or cheap connotation. I'll stick with the olde words, thank'ee. 

purple blue clematis

But back to my dear bargain clematis! Last year, alone on a table at Lowe's, looking pathetic, this poor plant, in a purple plastic pot, unchosen as a Mother's Day present, was a withered three inches of vine priced at $1.50. I had to rescue it. During the past year, it put out four small leaves, and didn't budge, baking in the desert sun. Then winter hit and it disappeared into the ground.

close up of purple blue clematis flower

But with the advent of spring, out it came, growing rapidly! It set five huge buds, and I waited for them to open. And waited. And waited. And then it hit me: It was thirsty. The small amounts of water dripped onto it by the irrigation system were only keeping it alive, not allowing it to flourish. So I "flood irrigated" the bed, and within minutes, the first flower unfurled! Within three hours, all were

I don't know why, but the blooms are a lot bluer in person, and bluer in the morning. 

I think I will do more flood irrigation now. I already flooded both sides of the courtyard again, and the brand new plants have set buds.

Ah, the courtyard. I am always talking about it. When it is revealed, you will be astounded. "Is that all? It's so small!" Yes, by the way I speak of it, you might be picturing something at Alhambra. It's more the size of a Master Bath. But when it's in full bloom, it is indeed pretty! I don't have it in me to have much in the way of landscaping anymore. Too old, too sore, too poor! But I enjoy my little courtyard garden.

I have been a bit exhausted by my new job, coming home, then doing the minimum, sometimes not even having the energy to eat dinner. Just straight to bed, no blogs, boo! I hope to catch up soon. I don't like to miss even one day of the blogging world! 


  1. Your Clematis colour is beautiful! I ‘be planted a new one last year we will see how it is this year.
    My garden is too big I would love a smaller one, much easier to work in.
    I hope you feel better after you had e rest.
    I am waiting for my wisteria and clematis to bloom, but still freezing at night!

  2. I love it when you take a poorly plant and bring it back to life, so rewarding. I only have a very small garden but even that is getting a bit much now.

  3. Beautiful clematis flowers! They thank you for taking care of them, first for rescue it, and for lots of water :)

  4. What a beauty good for you for saving it. As I cleaned out my gardens this spring I was thinking the same thing time to down size my gardens and really enjoy them. sorry you are so tired from your job maybe it is just getting in the grove of things.

  5. It's very tiring to work outside the home but hopefully you'll get into a routine and it will get easier. Be sure and EAT though! Love your flowers and cute little donkey! Have a good day sweet lady!

  6. Oh no!!!

    I am truly afraid to look up, what 'thirsty' means, in urban slang! Ugh...

    I like to continue to think of it, in regard to your sweet flowers. So there. -smile-

    Do, what you can. Do not over tire yourself, by trying to do more. Listen to your body.


  7. I had no idea "thirsty" had a new!
    Your clematis is beautiful. I was surprised to hear they will grow and bloom in the dessert.
    I can understand you being tired. I don't think I could ever go back to work (I love retirement too much) part time...let alone full time.

  8. Your Clematis is a vibrant color, Holly. It sounds like it just needed some water to flourish. That little donkey in your garden is cute. I have been trying to get a landscaper out here to pick up some leftover piles, and I finally found someone. Hopefully, he shows up today. I've been out there doing a lot of yard maintenance myself, but like you said, it's harder as we age. Have a lovely rest of the week, Holly.


  9. Your rescued Clematis is a gorgeous colour!! And the size of the blooms!!!
    I hope the stress of your new job lessens as summer break nears. Sounds like you really need a rest.

  10. Clematis are beautiful. Hooray for the one you rescued!

  11. So glad you were able to save this beauty! I love clematis flowers of all colors! Janice

  12. What a beautiful bloom. We are pretty dry here as well. I'm hoping to get either a clematis or a honeysuckle for the end of our summer kitchen. You should have happy hummingbirds.

  13. I remember when you rescued the clematis. Just look how it has flourished with some attentio.

  14. So nice to have a visit from you! Thanks for the nice compliment. You must have a way with plants. Gardening is so challenging in the SW. A little soak goes a long way I find. I think a little courtyard is perfect. It can really hold a lot and be so cheery in a little spot. You're off to a wonderful start!

  15. How wonderful that the clematis is not only blooming, but thriving now it's had a good drink of water. Your courtyard is gorgeous. I love the donkey, the butterfly, and the flowers. I see you also are smart and use lots of straw type mulch, too.

    So sorry to read how tired you are at the end of the day, but don't worry about us. We'll be here when you have time to catch up again, dear.

  16. I love that donkey. and the flowers are amazing.

  17. Oh dear, I am not sure about the word "thirsty" ... I am still trying to understand "woke" ... Help us all.

    I love the donkey! And you are so fun to rescue the little clematis. You sound like me.. that is something I would do. :-)


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