Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Wilkommen, Amigas

apple blossom in spring

Do others do this?
 Make their dogs "talk" by speaking for them? I know one person who has made many thousands on Facebook with this -- the owner of Moonpie, a little mini dachshund, whom she makes "talk" in some kind of altered videos. The owner talks, Moonpie answers, and cha-ching, moola galore.

I have conversations with my dogs, too, where I supply both my remarks and theirs. Every dog I have had, has his or her own voice and accent. Some have been rednecks, some made their remarks in lofty tones dripping with sarcasm, and some got stuck with babyfied talk. For some reason, my little "tom-girl" dog, Sophie, "talks" in a babyfied way combined with Uff-da-isms. I think it's because she is often mistaken for a puppy. She has that little puppy-face even though she is almost eight years old. I don't know how the Norwegian got in there, though. 

All of that preamble for this! Sophie says, "Yook! The yapple twees ish bwooming!" Her loyal "luff-tenant" is Champie, and he has a West Texas drawl mixed with a touch of German and Spanish, as befits a chiweenie. Champie likes to say things like "I vill bite you, maΓ±ana. Und ze apples are MINE, amigo." 

Both Champie and Sophie are rescues. Champie bears the physical scars of his ordeal, yet is extremely sweet. Sophie is physically sound, yet has the emotional scars.

Champie loves Sophie. Sophie does not love Champie.

Good gravy, is anyone still reading this drivel? Well, I thank you! 

We have several apple orchards in this area, and a lone apple growing by the old blacktop in a somewhat bad part of the county in the shadow of the Interstate highway. I really wanted to break off a branch and bring it home, but I just couldn't. The bees struggle to find blooms here. I can't rob them of this early food.

Well, as Sophie would say, "T'ank 'oo fer stoppin' by, yoo betcha!" 

Champie adds, "Y'all come back, ja?"

Kind regards,

Olde Dame Holly


  1. I love your dogs!
    My dog speaks quite a lot, because I thought him words.
    He sometimes say “maman” mum
    And he tries to say dad «  papa » but it becomes woua woua.
    Je understands quite a lot of words and sentences.
    I enjoy living with him.

    1. What an intelligent dog! Champie is very smart, about food. If it involves food, he will learn it. But I can only make him "sing" (howl), not talk with words. Our pets are good company, aren't they?

  2. Giggles, if you want to talk doggie-talk, it is your perfect right!!!!!! -smile-

    The early bees, do need all they can find. That is why I think it is awful, to cut dandelions down. The bees need them!!!!!!

    Plus, they are pretty. Called weed or not, they are a pretty flower. Why do all the Fancy People, try to eradicate them?????? Grrrrrrrr.....


  3. Loved reading about Sophie and Champie. I used to be a dog and cat person. Now I'm just a cat person. I'm so glad you got rescue dogs.

    Enjoyed reading how you left the apple blossoms for the bees. Without bees, we humans would have NO food at all.

  4. My son's dog will come to him and say, "Go out" when she has a call of nature. It's hilarious.

  5. Today's post made me laugh and that's a good thing!!

  6. Sophie is a cutie. She reminds me of our dog we had many years ago. It was a mellow dog and really our favorite. That's good of you to have gotten rescue dogs. Nel always takes in rescue dogs too. Those pink blossom trees are so pretty. Have a good rest of the week, Holly.

    ~Sheri favorite dog growing up was a dachshund named Cinnamon. Best dog ever. : )

  7. Thanks for sharing pics of your furbabies ;-)

  8. ;-) Sweet furbies! Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  9. How fun my friend. :-) Thank you for sharing.
    xx oo


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