Friday, November 20, 2020

Some Little Christmas Decorations

Many people are decorating very early for the holidays this year. The worries of 2020 have affected quite a few folks, and I think to soothe themselves - and I'm one of them - the holiday season has been brought forward, at least the "hygge" parts: The coziness, the warmth, the contentment in simple, sweet things. For a few years, we heard a lot about the Danish term hygge, then it faded a bit, but it seems to be back, with a definite American twist. I think here in the U.S., it tracks along with an appreciation of primitive and Colonial living, but is joined with our love of outdoor Christmas light displays. Our local stores have so little left in the way of lights!

Here are a few [bad] pictures of some of my decorations. I wasn't even taking the photos in low light, but was experimenting with the settings. I think I'll have to keep working at it! And I have more decorations to put up, mainly my tags and more Moravian Stars that I like to fold. One photo shows both the flat and the dimensional stars that can be folded.

Here's hoping you have a good weekend and if you are decorating, enjoy!

christmas birds decoration spool

handmade clothespin soldier 1960s

christmas frosty glitter roses decorations

1960s mid-century flocked santa ornament dimestore

glass hobnail snowman miniature mug Christmas

red and white small mushroom Christmas tree ornament decoration

mantel decorations old Christmas children's books

moravian stars christmas decorations rosettes

     Kind regards,

    The Merry Olde Dame



  1. your home is looking very festive! I have seen so many people post that they are decorating their homes I will get at it this weekend. I like to get some natural things from the woods and add some vintage christmas to it

  2. Your oh-so-lovely decorations make me want to drag out my old Christmas stuff and get busy! I am, in reality, going to try to keep things quite simple this year. As Cathy, above, said, "a few natural things from the woods" stuck here always seems to work for us. I do like your pink Christmas ideas.

  3. I like your pictures and find nothing the matter with them. I only wish mine were as clear as yours.
    The Moravian Stars are lovely and look very hard to make. But I don't have any talent for crafts at all so...

  4. Ladies, I don't know why, but so many are decorating early. I found myself doing it, too. I just love natural items in decorating, even though dragging a bunch of gleaned corncobs in the house ended up with little pantry moths flying everywhere! Granny Marigold, I bought an old "LG" camera from Ebay because I read it took good pictures and videos. When I use it instead of my current camera, the photos are better! And it was so inexpensive, but as good as some digital cameras.


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