Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The Last of the Leaves

The sound outside of my window is a steady click-click-click, and brings to mind sleet or graupel, but it's just the falling of leaves. They are showering down at a steady rate, and already some branches are nearly bare. By tonight, I think they will be gone.

Did I already mention the lore about falling leaves? I think so, but it bears repeating: If you catch a falling leaf, you will have good luck for a year. Catching it in your apron counts, or in your held-out skirt. Keep the leaf somewhere. It can be tucked in a jar or the corner of a cabinet. Or it can be placed under a stone or in the hollow of a tree, and allowed to return to the earth.

I am very happy that I was able to catch a few photos before the leaves are gone. Seeing the sky through leaves is so uplifting. I'm now on the lookout for junipers or piñon growing in an abandoned area, so that I can take a few small branches for crockery or buckets. And I do mean small: in the desert, there is no bounty of growing things. So, one must be very strict about taking just a few tiny pieces.

autumn leaves against the sky in new mexico

What's your favorite natural material to gather for Christmas? Are you partial to fir, holly, bare twigs? Once upon a time I had many items I would make from wheat, but none is to be had here.

I'm not sure how I will decorate my table for Thanksgiving. It's just my husband and I during this lockdown - and really, any time - well, just us and our beloved pets, two dogs and two cats. I very much hope to be able to finally pick up my needle and floss and work on some cross stitch after Thanksgiving dinner.

Thank'ee for stopping by.

    Kind regards,

    The Merry Olde Dame, Holly 


  1. our leaves have long fallen off the trees. On my walks lately I am looking for things I will come back to cut such as white pine, cedar and birch sticks. we do not have much for balsam here so I try to not cut that. I only cut what I need I make roping and fill containers. It is good to cut some of it as it makes the tree grow fuller.

  2. Thank you for your comments, Cathy and Sandra! I hope you both have wonderful Thanksgivings!

  3. There are still leaves remaining on many trees so there's still a chance I might catch one. :~)

  4. Here on the west coast we'll fortunate to have a variety of evergreens everywhere. I've gathered cedar and hemlock and something I think is juniper. I didn't take much of the latter because the bushes were small.
    I hope your Thanksgiving will be a lovely one!!


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