Tuesday, December 29, 2020

A New Year Is Nearly Here!

These holidays are at a full gallop now, it seems to me! Christmas Eve - whoosh! Christmas Day - whoosh! Feast of the Holy Family - whoosh! And now New Year's Eve just about a day away! 

Today I planted many amazing kinds of mint in my courtyard. I usually would not plant mint in January, but a kind internet friend sent me many kinds of mint sprigs for Christmas, after my husband inadvertantly ruined my mint beds. At 86, he has good days and bad days, and on the bad days, things like dumping the water softener's super-salty water onto my flowerbeds (and thousands of salt pellets onto the driveway) happen. So, my courtyard, at ground level, has been salted and ruined.This spring I will remove the topsoil and replace it with good soil. I grow most of my plants in fire rings (similar to stock tanks, but no bottoms), so they were spared. I have a thick layer of pine straw and juniper branches over the mint, so it is tucked in tight and I believe the mint will rest easy until warmer weather. Being in the southern desert, our winters are not onerous but it does freeze.

I calmed myself by creating some tags for New Years, featuring antique designs. I love to create digital items. I love actual hand-work, too, but sometimes it feels impossible to organize and begin such work. The computer is right there, ready to go, so I hop onto it and do some creating. With nighttime (and daytime) breathing problems, I am rarely asleep during normal night hours, so the computer is good company.

Use this LINK <---- to save the full-sized file. Blogger unfortunately compresses large image files in posts and then they don't print nicely, so don't just right-click and save the image. Get the real file stored on Google Drive.

Thank'ee for stopping by.

    Kind regards,

    Holly, The Merry Olde Dame

free printable new year's new years tags diy digital


  1. I hope your mint sprigs grow and thrive!!

  2. Mint is pretty hardy I do not dare to plant it directly in my soil it will take over the space.I need to print your last labels with the measurements just to put on the inside of my cupboard for quick reference.
    Happy New Year

  3. Good morning from Florida. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment. May 2021 be a year filled with blessings ~ FlowerLady

  4. Way to early for outdoor anything here in Ohio. But soon I will attempt to plant some seeds again, and see how that goes. A very Happy New Year to you and your husband. Look forward to talking more with you in the next years.

  5. Darn. Blogger ate my comment. I was saying...
    Sorry about hubby's confusion.
    I will never plant anything with the word "mint" in it. I did once and it took over and I could not control it.
    Happy New Year!

  6. One of the lucky things about living in the extreme desert is that I can control invasive plants by using a lack of water to "edge" them and keep them contained!


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