Friday, December 4, 2020

"Rompope" - The Eggnog of Mexico

I don't know if anyone has traveled to the Middle East, but one delightful aspect of the region (in olden days, anyway) was the number of almond-based drinks. 

Mexico, too, has a delicious almond-enhanced holiday drink. Yesterday I mentioned Ponche NavideƱo, but instead of that recipe, today I'll post one for Rompope. Rompope is actually more popular than the punch, although both are wonderful. But Rompope should come first, because it's first in the people's hearts.

Here is one old recipe. The main difference between Eggnog and Rompope is the almond meal. I don't know if many people will be making these elaborate Christmas drinks this year, due to COVID-19. They are labors of love that are usually made to celebrate our special guests. Many Yuletide recipes have expensive ingredients (especially so in olden days), and were only made for that special time or for weddings. With so many communities locked down, there isn't as much baking, mixing, and decorating as usual among many. 

You can right-click the image below to save the recipe.

Mexican Eggnog, rompope recipe receta

NOTE: You can substitute pre-ground almond meal for the freshly ground meal the recipe calls for.

Thank'ee for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy. Do you have a special drink for the season? I remember most fondly the Sherbet Island Punch my piano teacher would make for our Christmas recitals. As a preteen and then teen, I thought it most elegant.

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    The Merry Olde Dame, Holly



  1. Christmas eve when we use to have friends in we would make a large batch of sangria mostly citrus fruits in it. This sounds good but rich

  2. No special drink for the holiday season, but I will enjoy my white zin ;-)


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