Friday, January 22, 2021

A Little Love Banner Free Printable

Here is a thrifty one-sheet banner to print that spells out "LOVE." Might be cute printed out, maybe grubbed on the edges, or sweetened with mica or metallic ink, and tacked on a shelf edge or across the top of an armoire. 

I had the pink version up on my old blog, and have added a tan and black raggedy version.

Use the links to make sure you get the full, uncompressed file, stored in the Google cloud. 

I'm still working on my Strawberry Bunny cross stitch designs. I've got the second one nearly stitched. Where I slow down is translating the actual stitchery to chart form. I dread that part! I like the stitching part best. Of course, I remember when charts were made using graph paper and an old Underwood typewriter!

We had our first foggy day of the year today. It's a rare event and was very exciting to those who have lived hereabouts their whole lives.

Pink Link

Tan Link

diy cardstock banner valentines free freebie printable digital

free printable valentines love banner diy

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    Kind regards,

    Holly, The Merry Olde Dame


  1. How pretty the banners are and thank you for sharing. We have fog quite often in our area.....maybe because of the low parts of the landscape?? Not sure. But I love the quietness of it while walking with our Sophie. I read your comment(on my country blog you visited) about burning the cactus after it dried........hopefully, this big pile I have piling up will dry and not re sprout on me. Have a wonderful week ahead

    1. I hope it doesn't resprout on you, too. It is hard to clear those big colonies of prickly pear. It is tough to get yucca under control here, too. I noticed some has snuck back up in front and I thought they were finally gone...

  2. Thank you for sharing the pretty banners! I read your comment on my blog about burning the cactus. I do hope the large pile I have will dry up as well! I will be so glad to get it cleared and gone.

  3. These are very sweet Holly! I'm partial to the tan/black version myself of course! ~Robin~


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