Saturday, January 30, 2021

Bee Mine Cross Stitch is Finished! And...Free Valentine's Day Images!

etsy shop themerryoldedame cross stitch chart bee mine 2021

I loved creating and stitching this. It's that durned charting that gets me. I have a new charting program and it's smarter than I am. The learning curve for this olde grey mare is very steep indeed. I have the chart up in my Etsy shop <---Link 

Now I'm working on charting up some little Free Bees charts (freebies, ha ha) that make cute Petite Pinkeeps or Tiny Tucks. I just binge watch on an old phone or listen to Christmas music (I know, I know, it's weird to love to listen to Christmas music all year) and stitch the "littles" up.

In the meantime, here are a few "single" Valentine's images to save, free, gratis, no strings attached. Why single tags? Well, it's all email now, texting, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc. Maybe someone has a friend, child, or grandchild who would like a digital Valentine. In years past, I sold many digital printable Valentines. With COVID, nothing sold this year. Classroom Valentines are just not happening this year! So, I'm thinking some free Valentines for viewing on a phone or screen might be just the ticket for our strange times.

I'll put up a few antique images, vintage images, and modern images below.

Right-click to save! 

Thank'ee for stopping by.

    Kind regards,

    Holly, The Merry Olde Dame

I don't like clowns but the Victorian "jester" kids were cute...Clowns proper make me scream, run away, and just feel very anxious...I had a colleague (teacher) who taught kindergarten, and she would dress up as a blankety-blank CLOWN for the first day of school. I was astounded. As if the first day was not bad enough...but a very hefty lady in a garish outfit, huge red shoes, and badly applied clown makeup scarred some of those wee ones for life...
Oh gosh the boy doggie doesn't look happy...he doesn't like "mushy" stuff...
This one is Lily of the Valley...
For the Crazy Cat Lady (CCL) we all know (yes, yes, I'm one)...would also be good for your weird artist friend (we ALL have a weird artist friend, admit it)...
For the Horsey Set. I was "horse crazy" at age 10...would have loved this Valentine...
Another one for the CCL set...or those who are "just PLANE crazy."

Kokeshi style...
LOVE the puns on the old classroom Valentines...

So cute, you can see where to bend her and she would stand up...

Cute hangtag...

Prim crow getting in on the act...

Baby penguin...And I'll leave it at that. NOTHING can successfully come after a BABY PENGUIN.


  1. I have not picked up cross stitching in a long time but this is the sweetest. We call our grand sweet B so very tempting.

    1. I took a break from cross-stitching, too...about 30 years!!!

  2. Love the cross stitch and the vintage valentines!

  3. All are so cute. How to choose, how to choose.

  4. You provide the sweetest graphics. Thank you...and a wonderful cross stitch finish ;-)

  5. Sweet finish...and adorable graphics.... Of course I am partial to the kitty ones. ;-) ~Robin~

  6. Your little cross stitched heart pillow looks lovely!

  7. Your cross stutch came out lovely I like the colors and the background,and those itty bitty hearts. You have a steady hand and good eye.

  8. Thank you for your visit and comment. I wish you a good day.


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