Friday, January 1, 2021

2021: A Blogging Renaissance

blogging revival and renaissance 2021

I don't know about others, but I have been hoping for a resurgence of blogging and the blog world. I blogged during The Golden Age of blogging, way back in 2004 until the Rise of Facebook and the later platforms such as Instagram. 

I followed many interesting blogs, and attempted to follow my favorite "original" bloggers as they transferred their attention to Facebook and abandoned their blogs. It was a bittersweet experience; of the former bloggers I "kept up with" on Facebook, only two people seemed to post anything authentic. One of them, luckily, also generously keeps up her blog. And some of my favorite blogs morphed into commercial ventures so heavy with ads that I couldn't find the posts sometimes, and some former favorite bloggers began posting nothing but memes and sales (with no real content, ever). 

I fared a bit better with Facebook "groups." But I have seen so much bullying, and so much of it seems to be "Look at this, but look quickly, because this is going to disappear into oblivion very quickly" due to the speed of "feeds." Hundreds of posts and thousands of comments in the space of a day is too rapid and too shallow for me.

Now, I'm not judging. No one owes me anything, least of all heartfelt posts, interesting information, a slower pace, or real glimpses into their real lives. But I missed it.

When I decided to begin blogging again, I encountered a bit of pushback from some of the people I know. It was as if I had declared I wanted to go back in time or go join some Luddite commune. One person told me, "Blogging isn't even a thing anymore." I got warned not to mention blogging during any job interviews (ageism and COVID ate my job): "It makes you seem old." Well, I am old. So what? 

I think blogging is indeed a "thing," an important thing. A chance to share, to capture moments in time, to build a community, to keep crafting alive, to serve the idea of inclusion in a fragmented world, and to offer encouragement. It doesn't have to be any of those things, but it can be. And it can also just be anything a blogger wants it to be.

I didn't get (or need) gifts this Christmas. But I gave myself a gift -- permission to enjoy and value blogs, to take the time for old-timey hopping from blog to blog, and I'm already discovering little gems of beauty or humor or knowledge that brighten my days. In The Time of COVID, I think blogging is MORE important than ever! 

May 2021 prove to be a revival of blogs and blogging. The world is brighter because of simple blogs!


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. In this difficult time we need to connect with others. I've found more like-minded people through my blog than I ever did in the 'real' world. Mind you, I'm such a homebody and an introvert too. I hardly went out and about before Covid and now even less.

  2. The end of this month I will have been blogging 11 years. I love my blog and like you are so sad to see people give it up.
    I do facebook and some of the groups are wonderful and informative but I do not see me giving up blogging. I have met some of the nicest people through blogs.
    and you are right about all those ads by the time they all load I have lost interest in what the topic was to start with.
    Happy New Year from on blogger to another.

  3. I read your message at Laurie's blog (where the spruce trees grow) and decided to check out your blog. I have to confess. I've said it before. I am ONLY a blogger. I'm not on any other social media site, nor do I care to be. I promise to stop by often, since I've been on Blogger even before google bought it (2005) which is 15 plus years now.

    I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your little hearts, too. I don't sew by hand because I have no pinch grip, but I love sewing paper to paper on my old sewing machine.

  4. You have said it perfectly. I've been waiting for people to come to the senses and come back. I found FB and such an empty vessel with little or no creative outlet.I'm so glad you came back. And you never know what is old to one is new to someone else. I don't like blogs heavy with advertising, I loose interest. I blog to get away from all of that. It's the quiet place to be creative,share and have fun. I think there will be resurgence.

  5. I so agree with you. Some blogs I can't read because of loading issues due to so many video ads loading first. Not everyone has high speed internet! And ones that used to be good information are now buybuybuy! I don't have FB, IG, or any other social media. But I do understand their attraction - it's WORK to write a coherent blog post, and then if you are one to perfectly stage and edit photos...

    I think I'd rather hire someone with the patience and thought process to write a blog post than someone who snaps a photo and a fast blurb for IG. As far as being considered behind times technology-wise, anyone who thinks that needs to pay attention to all the changes blogger underwent last summer/fall, and all the relearning that required. And WP with their change to a new block format thing.

    I will say there are some sewing/quilting/needlework groups on FB that's made it tempting. And market place, it seems people list there more than Craigslist now.

  6. Hi there! new here, found you through Granny Marigold. I have blogged for a number of years and have made several good friends with like interests. Having my blog through the pandemic has been mind-saving, You are welcome to visit me!

  7. Fellow Bloggers, thank you so much for your informative and supportive comments! Interesting to hear your opinions about blogging and social media. See, THIS is why I love blogs and bloggers! Aside to Boyett-Brinkley, your Profile is set to Private so I am unsure of how to find your blog! I'd love to see it.

  8. Update: Oh, I just found it, should have looked harder!

  9. I have been blogging since 2009 and 1600+ post later, I am still at it. I do a little of other social media, but blogging is so much more personal. I have made so many friends...those I have never met and those I have had the privilege of meeting in person.
    I am happy you have returned to blogging and so happy I found you. It would be wonderful if more people went back to blogging.
    Happy New Year!!!

  10. I'm celebrating my 12th blogaversary next month. There have been any number of times I thought blogging was over, but I kept going. This last year has been one of the best and I've met some wonderful new friends. I'm not sure how I would have gotten through 2020 without Blogland. What a pleasure to see you back to blogging.

  11. Enjoyed your post. I really miss some of the lovely bloggers I used to follow back in the day. Here's to a happy blogging year!


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