Tuesday, January 19, 2021

It's Good to Be Cross Stitching Again!

Energy, time, and inspiration all in one place -- rare for me! I too often let myself be weighed down by, well, weighty matters. The concerns are real, but sometimes I can break out of the Worry Dome and feel free enough to breathe, to create, without guilt. 

I have been having a wonderful time the past few nights, stitching away to please myself, creating a little series I call "Strawberry Bunnies." I probably will put the charts up on Etsy, but frankly I don't care if they sell or not. Maybe that's why I'm having such a great time with them! 

I had years and years of having to produce saleable stories and designs when I was a writer and a graphic designer, before I tried my hand at teaching. It took all the joy out of art for me, and I'm only just now recovering the fun of creating without an anxious eye out as to what others will think. My husband tells me there is a saying in Spanish, "Los que derĂ¡n." It means, "What will they say? What will they THINK?" but the saying is to rebuke those kinds of thoughts. It's to give confidence and take away the power of that worry. 

So, I'm having a ball with my bunnies that have somehow crossed with strawberries! I hope your day is filled with fun and whimsy, too. Hope you like the Sneak Peek. I hold my cloth scrunched up and don't use a hoop, usually. So, wrinkles! I am adding much more to this design, whatever catches my fancy. Fun!

etsy shop themerryoldedame cross stitch designs 2021

Strawberry Bunnies TheMerryOldeDame themerryneedle on Etsy cross stitch charts

Kind regards,

Holly, The Merry Olde Dame


  1. Looks pretty s&o far, Hortense has taken me down that "rabbit" hole a few times.It's either temperment or patience either way..not my cuppa. It is pretty and appreciated when someone else does the lovely stitching.It takes time, and you are making pictures with your thread.

    1. I am making a silly picture, indeed! Maybe I'll claim "Hortense" emailed me with the idea!

  2. So sweet! When someone asks me why I don't do commission rugs I tell them the same thing I have done two and it sucked all the fun out of it.We should love the craft for itself I think

    1. How I agree! It can turn creating into some kind of TASK. Imagination restrained is imagination pained!

  3. Bunnies and hearts! A lovely combination.

  4. Well you caught me at bunnies! The strawberries are an added excitement. Janice

  5. Cross stitch can be good for the soul! I plan to start a little Valentine stitch later this evening.


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