Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Handsewn Scrapbag Heart

I can't face a house with no decorations when the Christmas decorations come down. It looks too empty and lonely, but I don't like to go full-Valentines too soon, either. So I go with what I call "early Winter" decor, which is natural and pastel tones on hearts and sachets mixed with cold-blooming florals like snowdrops. I also have some solar-powered "fairy lights" in jars (see end of post) I sit around the house. I was surprised that my husband is very fond of the jar I put where he can see it at night. He says it cheers him to see it if he awakens. simple sewn hearts from scraps

do it yourself small sewn hearts from scraps and trim

diy simple sweet scrap bag hearts

I like these scrap-bag hearts because they give me a chance to paw through my little snippets of materials and strange little bits of trim, beads, and trinkets. I find things I had forgotten completely!

These are very quick to stitch and they don't take much stuffing or lavender to fill out nicely. If you back them with a calico or with Valentines colors, you can flip them over and get double-duty from them. Use any small heart shape for a template. I think the naive style makes them so enjoyable to create. Wobbles and wiggles just add to the simple charm.

One of the solar-powered fairy jars: 

solar fairy lights in an old canning jar mason bell jar

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    The Merry Olde Dame, Holly


  1. I love those little scrap hearts - what a great idea. I have lots of fairy lights around the house, they bring a bit of cheer and I love them. Liz

  2. that is the sweetest heart. I took Christmas down early at least for me it was. (last weekend) and now I am cleaning as I go but we are redoing a room in our house and had to empty it and the house is piled with things from that.

  3. Very sweet heart. Thank you for always sharing wonderful projects and ideas.
    I love little white lights in any way, shape or form.
    Happiest of New Years to you and hubby ;-)

  4. I really like your heart. Clever and beautifully decorated, too. And those little white lights always make me smile, whether in a jar or hanging around a window. Nice way to decorate for winter.

  5. Your scrap-bag hearts are adorable. And solar powered fairy lights in a jar...that's an idea I could copy. Thanks for the tip.


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