Friday, September 25, 2020

Mixing Fall Scented Wax Cubes

I love to have my wax warmers on several hours each day. I have four, so that the house is covered. I don't always have the same scents in all of the warmers. For the front of the house, I usually have a "welcoming" scent so that guests immediately thing "homey" and "clean." I might have florals in other the other areas.



This time of year, I like to go all-out autumn, with fall scents in all the warmers. I've discovered, since moving away from an absolutely wonderful candle shop in Texas, that I can't quite get the scents I want in my new city. But I've discovered the idea of mixing different wax cubes together to make combinations that mimic the scents I miss.

I found a great Yankee Candle scent at Walmart. Usually, Yankee Candle is a bit pricey, but these were at a good price, maybe because it was in Walmart. It's Sparkling Cinnamon, and if the name doesn't grab you, the scent will. It's like a big sniff of "Red Hots" candies! Also at Walmart, I found Better Homes and Gardens Rustic Woods, and what I think must be an unlabeled Wally brand that says Cozy Bonfire.

I have been combining the Rustic Woods and Cozy Bonfire together. It smells like walking in the woods when the ground has turned hard, and Thanksgiving is around the corner. It almost brings tears to my eyes! There's something so poignant and nostalgic about the smell.

I'm also combining the Sparkling Cinnamon with Rustic Woods. It reminds me of my Granny dropping Red Hots into a cup of hot apple cider for me, both of us sitting and looking at her little wall fireplace in her tiny shotgun house in north Louisiana. Fifty years ago, and I can just smell and taste it again.

Do you have a favorite scent combo for fall?

    Kind regards,

    Olde Dame Holly Rose

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