Monday, September 28, 2020

Using Magnets to Simplify Decorating Atop Storage Boxes and Baskets

I have a variety of baskets and decoupaged cardboard boxes with hinged lids that I use for storage. I like how baskets look on my tables, desks, and dressers, and they keep the clutter hidden. What I didn't like was how the little decorative items I put on top of them had to be moved and replaced each time I opened the lid and put something in or took something out!

I decided to order some "rare earth" magnets from Amazon. These are the super-strong magnets that can even be used to hold metal tools onto the garage wall. 

I thought that if they were that strong, they'd be strong enough to "grab" and hold my decorations on the top, and allow me to lift the lid without them falling off.

And, it works! Here's what I do to allow me to have decorated storage baskets AND not have to bother with holding or moving my decorative items:

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