Monday, September 21, 2020

Pumpkin Spice...BOOKS!


This is a cute and thrifty way to decorate for autumn. Many of us have old paperback books that we don't want to reread, and that aren't really in good enough shape to donate. With just a few minutes of effort, they can be turned into charming pumpkins and apples, ready to decorate a book shelf, table, desk, or any niche, really.


First, get the book and remove both covers and the spine cardboard. With a few pages together, start from the beginning of the book and cut the pages to the shape of either a half-pumpkin or a half-apple. After your first pages are cut (they are still attached to the spine), you can trace where they lay on the next page, and pick up a few more pages and cut them along the line you traced. Continue doing this until all of the pages are cut.

Using hot glue, glue several pages lightly at the front and back of the book. Now fan out the book, bringing the front pages around to meet the back ones. Using those two "clumps" of pages, glue the together very well.

You can ink or chalk the edges of the pages orange for the pumpkin, or red for the apple. Add a little stem with a bit of a twig, and a paper or silk fall leaf if you have one, and you're all set to display!

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