Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Tennessee Spinner Gourds and Wee Kettle Gourds

If you've lived in the South, you've likely seen tiny Tennessee Spinner gourds and Kettle gourds. These wild native gourds range in size from a grape to a pear, and dry to a hard shell. They look like miniature birdhouse gourds, and they are fun to craft with. I'm waiting to be able to gather the last of the wild gourds to ripen here, the Buffalo Gourd, which is almost perfectly round and about the size of a tennis ball, but they won't be dry until after Thanksgiving.

Do you live in an area where you can gather bounty from nature? I envy those who live where the bittersweet vine is, although I hear it can be invasive in gardens. But its berries just sing of autumn!

Earlier I decided to string a few Spinners and Kettles and make a mini-swag. They're easy to drill, especially with a cordless drill. Then it's just a matter of threading floss, twine, or wire through the holes. I used a simple black beading thread (very strong) and some strips of black-and-tan gingham cloth between them (from Hobby Lobby), tied in a simple knot. 



This prim country Gourd Swag is available in my Etsy shoppe! But it's also very easy to make your own. I like a rustic, raggedy look, so I just tore the gingham into strips. Gourds are naturally irregular and imperfect, so they look great in primitive decorations. If you don't have a drill, you could probably use a little pocket knife to twist a hole into each side of a gourd -- just be careful! I have done it before with a drill bit just held and twisted, before I learned how to use a drill (love cordless drills).

I think swags made from gourds and grungy wire would look great, too! And wire is so easy to thread through the holes.

I've seen some adorable dioramas made from gourds, too. I think I'll hold back a Kettle gourd or two and try that for Thanksgiving or Christmas. 

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